What happens in the initial consultation?
This gives you and Dame and Dogs the opportunity to get to know one another and most importantly develop a relationship with your dog or cat. It will give you the chance to ask any questions allowing us to accommodate any requirements you may have and to insure your pet has no behaviour or aggressive issues for our dog walking group or private walks.
The appointment is free and only takes about 30 minutes. It is very important to us that your pet becomes one of our family members, happy, healthy, exercised, given quality care, loads of attention with love and affection and is mentally stimulated while your away from home.

Are there contracts to be signed?
Yes, they are straight forward and uncomplicated and will be reviewed at the initial consultation.

Client Requirements:
All dogs are required to be fully vaccinated and to be licensed by the city of Toronto, copies of documentation must be shown before Dame and Dogs will agree to walk your dog. 
All dogs are required to wear a properly fitted collar with appropriate identification tags and City/Rabies tags. 

House Keys:
A copy of your house key is required prior to the first service. All keys are coded and do not have your name or address written on them.

How many dogs do you group walk?
We will only walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time.

What if my dog gets dirty on the walk?
We will do our best to keep you dog as clean as possible. If you leave a towel by the front door we can wipe their paws and rub them down.

How much notice do I have to give to cancel a walk or Service?
We ask that you give us as much notice as possible. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for service cancellations.  If less than 24 hours notice is given then the client will be charged at the full rate which would have been payable for the scheduled appointment.

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, we are.

Are you trained in Pet First Aid?
Yes, we have received training in Pet First Aid.

Have you taken any training courses?
Yes, we are Pet Professionally trained through Whatta Pup with Caryn Charlie Liles.

Noted Best Trainer in 2010 and 2011.

What if my dog or cat becomes sick or injured?
We are trained in Pet First Aid and will do our best to administer first aid. You will be contacted as soon
as possible and we will take your dog or cat to the nearest veterinarian if necessary.

Can you administer medication?
Yes we will administer medication before or after a walk, providing you are able to demonstrate instructions.

How often will you walk my dog?
That is up to you and your requirements.

Do you take my dog to an enclosed off-leash park?
No, our group dog walking services will remain on leash for the safety of your pet. If your dog is on a private

walk and has very good recall then yes it is an option. We can discuss this at the initial consultation.

Will you walk my dog only with a group?
Group or private walks are available please refer to our Rates and Services page.

Our puppy has not received all of his shots, can he/she go on a group walk?
No, Puppies need to have full immunization shots in order to be able to join a group walk.

They are not able to join our group walks until they are approximately 4 months old. We provide Puppy 
Visits and Potty Breaks. Please refer to our Rates and Services page.

My dog has behavioral issues with other dogs, can he still go on a group walk?
No, we would recommend private walks and refer you too a certified trainer who will NOT use any form

of punishment on an animal. Dame and Dogs believe in positive and reward reinforcement training.

If the weather is really cold or very hot outside, will you still walk my dog?
If the temperature is above 30˚C or below –15˚C (depending on the dogs age/health/coat) or if there is a thunderstorm or any other dangerous weather conditions, Dame and Dogs may shorten the time outside at their own discretion which will be chargeable at the same rate as the approved walking service. If a private walk was booked the dog will be given a potty break and the rest of the time will include indoor activities.

During the winter months, it is recommended that the client provides the appropriate apparel for their pet (coat, sweater, booties, etc…).

Collars and Leashes:
We require all dogs wear either: Regular, Training, Martingale Collars, Halti/Gentle Leaders, Harnesses, 
and or similar equipment. Dame and Dogs will not accept any clients who use retractable leashes, 
choke chains, prong collars, shock collars and or similar inhumane equipment.

Do you provide treats?
Yes we do. It allows for reward based motivation for the dogs.  If your dog has any allergies or requires special treats please let us know as you will need to provide them for your dog.

Where will my dog be walked?
Your dog will be walked in the South Riverdale area neighborhood, to and from your house. 

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday.  Our hours are flexible and we will try to accommodate your needs as best as we can, however we cannot guarantee exact times for pick-up and drop offs due to the nature of our business. 
For cat visits, we recommend two visits daily if possible. 

Payment and Rates:
Fees for products and services are posted on the website and are subject to change at any time with one month advance notice in writing. Payment is required weekly on the first day of services rendered; clients may pay by Bank e-Transfer, cheque or cash. In the event of an NSF cheque, a $30.00 fee would be payable immediately in addition to the amount on the cheque.

Do you walk dogs and offer cat visits on weekends or statutory holidays?
We do offer cat visits on weekends or statutory holidays if your booking a full week of service with us. 
We do not walk dogs on weekends or statutory holidays, but we will try to accommodate our regular clients if an emergency situation arises.  A $10.00 premium will be charged for services performed during evenings, weekends and statutory holidays.

What happens in the event of my dog walker/pet sitter becoming sick?
Should a circumstance occur where we are unable to walk your dog, we will let you know as soon as possible and we will do our best to make alternate arrangements with a professional replacement 
who will also be insured and bonded. We will always walk your dog every single day if possible.

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