PRIVATE WALKS:                                30 mins - $30.00 

                                                             45 - 60 mins - $40.00

GROUP WALKS Max 4 Dogs:             1 to 5 Times a week 45 - 60 mins $20.00

PUPPY VISITS & POTTY BREAKS:   30 mins - $20.00
Each additional visit per day:               $15.00

Additional dog same household:         $15.00 

CAT VISITS: 1 - 3 cats:                        30 mins - $20.00

Each additional visit per day:               $15.00

Includes scooping the litter box, change food and water, brushing and playtime. While were there we will bring in your mail and water you’re your plants.

Note: We only offer cat visits on weekends or statutory holidays if your booking a full seven day week (or longer) service with us.

HOUSE VISITS:                                  Per day $15.00

While your out of town, we’ll make sure your house looks lived in by bringing in your mail, taking out your garbage, watering the plants, changing the lighting and shoveling your front porch if needed.

13% HST additional charge.

A $10.00 premium will be charged additionally for services performed during evenings/weekends/statutory holidays.

Dame and Dogs provides a free consultation prior to hiring us. The interview allows us to become acquainted with each other and most importantly your dog or cat. Getting to know your pets temperament, Individual needs, likes and dislikes along with any important household information is key in order for us all to feel comfortable and confident with one another.

The appointment takes about 30 minutes and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions up front and allows us to accommodate any requirements you have too insure your pet is getting the exercise, quality care, attention and affection they need to maintain a happy, healthy and mentally stimulated lifestyle during the day while your at work.

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