Faith & Katie

"Shortly after we had brought our Ziggy home for the first time, I had randomly met Joni in the neighbourhood while out for a walk. Joni asked about our pup and we had a chat about his development and tips and tricks for making it through the first few weeks. I was impressed with Joni’s knowledge, her friendly demeanor and her interest in Ziggy’s health and wellbeing.

Fast forward one year and Joni is Ziggy’s fairy dogmother. We rely on Joni’s support and caregiving and greatly appreciate her dedication and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s random gifts of toys, or the lovely reports about Ziggy’s day, Joni is always there when we need her. Joni is always more than willing to go the extra mile when we call at the last minute for an extra visit, or to provide a midday report anytime Ziggy has been under the weather."

"We highly recommend Joni and feel grateful to have her care for and love our sweet Ziggy as much as we do."

Laura & Teddy

Joni has looked after our Golden Retriever for the last 6 months and it has been an outstanding experience from start. Joni always arrives on time and is incredibly professional. Most importantly she extremely passionate, loving and looks after our dog with the utmost care. She takes the time to write daily report cards to let us know how the walk went and whether or not he has done

“his business”! We honestly could not image having anyone else ever look after our Golden. We would not hesitate to recommend Joni to friends and family.

Donna Berry

"Joni is an amazing dog walker. She was been walking our rambunctious Lab since she was just a pup and she absolutely loves Joni! I'm super anxious about my pets and their well being, but Joni is so reliable and conscientious that I never have the slightest worry when I'm at work. I highly recommend Dame and Dogs!"


Barrett Hooper

"Joni has been looking after our boy since he was 10 weeks old and he absolutely adores her. And we're pretty fond of her, too. More than just reliable and caring and super-knowledgeable about dogs and dog behaviour, Joni goes out of her way to care for Clubber, and always lets us know how he's doing - especially if anything seems amiss. We often get texts, calls or notes updating us on our boy while we're at work, which just reaffirms that he's getting the best care and attention possible."

"We - and Clubber - are extremely fortunate to have found her and cannot recommend her highly enough."

Casey Howe

"Joni at Dame and Dogs is the absolute best! She goes above and beyond the call of duty and gives so much love to our Sweet Pea Morgan. I highly recommend Joni to anyone who wants the best in care and love for their furry family."

Lu An

"Joni is truly fantastic! We have a very reactive doodle and it is always stressful when we go on vacation, figuring out who will be able to (and are willing!) to walk him. Joni is extremely professional and thorough, and it is immediately evident that she loves the dogs that she cares for. She very quickly gained our Franklin's trust and we left feeling confident our dog was in good hands. 

While we were away, Joni sent us frequent updates that put our minds at ease. She also left thoughtful daily reports with helpful suggestions for our family members, who were house sitting Franklin."


"We are back now, but Franklin still drags to go to Joni's home. We are so happy to have found someone who we can trust and rely on, and all three of us are so glad to have found a new friend in the neighborhood!"


Fran Fitzgerald

"We love dogs but resisted getting a puppy for a long time because no one is home during weekdays. We finally caved earlier this year and welcomed a Boston Terrier, Bridget, into our family. From eight-weeks until three-months-old she came to work with me.

It was delightful but unsustainable. 

That’s when we reached out to Joni. 

Over the course of the last three months Joni’s daily visits have become so much more than a viable solution. Her insights into our dog’s health and well-being are enlightening, she’s become an integral part of Bridget’s development, and they’ve become fast friends. The trust Joni has built with our dog is evident: they go for long walks and Joni allows her to explore and experience each walk like a singular adventure."

"I can honestly say we don’t remotely feel sad leaving the house on weekday mornings, knowing that Bridget is going to enjoy Joni’s visit immensely. This isn’t about having a walker who’s simply reliable or dependable on a daily basis – that’s a given with any dog walker (or should be). This is next-leve stuff; it's about enriching our dog's life. Joni's inclusion in our daily schedule offers the kindof peace of mind that, quite franky, has no price tag."  "Happy dog = happy family. Simple as that!"


Marie Diane

"I can't thank this neighbourhood enough. Our son has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and the day we left in an ambulance a month ago, our indoor cat got out of our house. We've been in and out of the hospital and we were not able to focus our energies into finding out fur baby. My dad went out and posted signs but he did not have a photo. A month had passed and we were sure we wouldn't see our cat again. My daughter was heartbroken.

On Wednesday, I got a call from one of our local dog walkers - Joni from Dame and Dogs. She said there was a posting on a pole that she had seen wondering if that was the cat we had posted about a month ago.

It turns out that this amazing family had been taking care of our Beanie. She was being fed and showing them affection. I needed some good news this week and I couldn't be more grateful to Joni and that amazing family on Riverdale Avenue."

"Thank you for making my day better. I needed it."

Laurence Pelletier

"It's hard to describe how much Gustav LOVES Joni. It must be because she took so good care of him as he was recovering from his TPLO surgery. We are so lucky we got in touch with Joni to help us through this. With her TLC, punctuality, reliability and all the toys she brought him during his recovery, he's already back to 100%."

"Thanks Joni for being the best dog walker ever!"


Cameron Smith

"Early in the year we got a puppy and soon realized we needed a dog walker. We asked around the neighbourhood and we kept hearing great things about Joni. We were in touch, but unfortunately she was not able to take us on at that time. However, she promptly referred us to another dog walker from her network. We couldn't be happier with our dog walker; she is very caring and professional. We definitely appreciate the introduction Joni was able to make, and that she went the extra mile to make sure we were in good hands."


Cindy Marron

"Best dog care giver and walker in Toronto. Period."


Jen Marron

"Joni is just fabulous. So much attention, love and care for our little puppy who adores her beyond belief. Couldn't have a better caregiver for our pup. Highly recommended - she will take care of your pet like it is her own. Truly the best."


Rachel Francis

"Joni did an absolutely wonderful job walking our relatively new dog while we were away. We came back to a lovely joyful boy.

I trust her completely."


Riverdale resident

"Joni consistently goes above and beyond in the care of our dog. She is reliable, punctual and always willing to pitch in when needed. In three years, she has never missed a walk! She has become part of our family and we’re quite convinced our dog loves her more than us now!"

Nancy & Dan
“My husband and I began to look into getting a dog walker when I started a new job and would no longer be working from home. We did some research online and also asked around the local dog parks. We were referred to Joni who called me right away. We were nervous about having someone else walk our dog and were not sure how everything would work.

We arranged a meeting with Joni and were immediately put at ease with how well Joni and Rocky got along.

We were also impressed with Joni’s knowledge and professionalism.
We decided on 5 days a week for walks and since then Rocky is a happy tired dog when we get home. I love reading the daily updates from Joni when I get home and feel so much better throughout the day knowing Rocky is well taken care of."

"I would recommend Joni for a dog walker to anyone, its a great thing to do for your dog.”

Ben & Janice
“Dame and Dogs - what a find! Joni is reliable, professional, knowledgeble, and most importantly wonderful with our puppy, Duchamp, who eagerly awaits her daily visits. On many occasions Joni has come to our rescue to care for Duchamp when we are unable."

"We would recommend her great service without hesitation.”

Cat & Jason
“Joni developed an instant rapport with our new puppy, Maisy. It was clear from her first interaction with Maisy that Joni has a true love of dogs and a wonderful way with them. Maisy trusts and adores her, and so do we. When we leave for work in the morning, we feel so reassured knowing that Maisy will get the same love and attention from Joni that she would have gotten from us."

"We feel very lucky to have Joni watching over our puppy.”

Jennifer Berman Diaz
“Just lying here thinking about how much I miss my new cat sitter Joni. Every time she visits she brings me treats, catnip and toys, plays with me and gives me the best back rubs. She has even taken care of me when I’ve had a cone around my neck and a bad wound on my head from a neighborhood cat. She always picks up the key and delivers it in person and makes sure my parents got home safely."

"I really love Joni and Joni loves me. >^..^< Hemingway”

Maria Armstrong
“Great service and my dog loves Joni.”

Christine Waldman
“We are very happy with Joni’s dog walking services! Joni is just wonderful with our shih-tzu-bichon mix doggy, Evey.

You can tell that she genuinely loves animals. Definitely a cut above the rest as well in terms of qualifications (first aid, etc.) and professionalism. Thanks Joni!”

Karen McCrank
“We’re so happy we found Joni! I never worry about Clubber cause I know Joni loves him as much as we do. I also love coming home and reading his ‘report card’ everyday :-) Best dog walker ever!“

Lucas & Azadeh
“We were lucky that Joni was able to squeeze us in when we purchased a last minute two-week Caribbean getaway.

Joni checked in on our two cats every day; playing with them, petting and brushing them, feeding them and cleaning out their litter box. She went above and beyond by watering our plants, alternating the lights that were on (to make it look like someone was home), and taking out our trash/recycling. We wouldn’t hesitate to hire Joni again for our next getaway 
and we highly recommend her!”

John Temple
“Thanks Joni for taking such good care of Theodore while we were away. It made our travels much more enjoyable knowing that he was in good hands!”

Nancy & Dan
“A BIG thanks to Joni!! Thanks to her attention to Rocky on his daily walks. When she noticed something was wrong she called me right away. We took rocky to the vet that evening and Rocky had to go into surgery. He stayed overnight and is recovering like a champ! He is TWO today. "Thanks Joni!”

Chris & Abi
“Joni's greatest gift is the peace of mind she provides that our boy is being cared for as if we were there ourselves."

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